Below is a brief summary of the three letterpress-suitable papers that I’d introduced during the lecture at Suho Paper Memorial Museum on the 28th October 2016.

啤酒紙 / Beer tag Paper


Originally used as alcohol labels for Sake of both Japan and Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation, the paper is thick and sturdy and is also often used as beer mats. The deckle edge and the special stain are kept during papermaking to create the uniqueness.

  • Made in Taiwan / Handmade
  • Material: Mulberry Tree bark, Wood pulp

巴克禮 / Barclay


The paper is named after Pastor Barclay, who brought the technique of letterpress printing to Taiwan. Barclay is a thick paperboard with the smooth surface and good ink absorbency, making it suitable for writing and painting with all sorts of media. Recently, the paper is often used for Letterpress.

  • Made in Finland / Machine-made
  • Material: Wood pulp

布林 / Bling
寫者有情、讀者有意,快速的網路世代終將慢下來,深刻的東西永遠需要時間,如同一筆一畫富含情意,寫岔了,也得保留下來。沒有一個delete鍵,能讓紙上的曾經,永遠消失。全手工抄製明信片,紙質厚挺有份量,並保留不規則的手感毛邊,表面佈有隱約的亮粉光澤,有低調的bling bling感。適於網版印刷效果精緻,書寫滑順墨色勻稱,作為明信片或賀卡,表現出復古與新味相襯意涵。

Bling is 100% handmade, keeping irregular deckle edges for uniqlustreture. The name comes from its sparkly luster on the surface. The paper performs a delicate outcome when screen printed with graphics, and is smooth for writing with ink. Bling is often used as postcards or greeting cards, giving a sense of both modern and antique.

  • Made in Taiwan / Handmade
  • Material: Mulberry Tree bark, Wood pulp